Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers Liability insurance covers damages and defense costs in the event the Directors, Officers and/or organization suffers a loss from a claim against a Director and/or Officer for alleged wrongful acts while acting in their capacity as Directors and Officers for the organization.

When you are in position to make the bold decisions that your company requires, you risk having claims brought against you. D&O coverage limits that risk, so you can lead as you see fit.

This coverage can also extend to the organization, as well as to other employees, while continuing to provide the necessary protection for Directors and Officers managing their organization. D&O is available to both public and private entities, including non-profit organizations. As a Director or Officer, this policy will protect your personal assets when corporate indemnification is not available to you. Plaintiffs often attack personal assets in litigation stemming from alleged mismanagement of a corporation by you or other board members. Whether damages occurred as a result of your actions, or you were an innocent party, defense costs alone can be substantial.

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